Sunday, 7 September 2014

Book: I Love My Secret by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Secret is part 1 of I Love My Fire, the third book in the I Love My... series. 

Nicole is an artist who shares her studio with the incredibly attractive Michael, who sets her pulse racing and makes her want him with just a look. But Michael refuses to sleep with her, riling her up just before saying 'not yet'. Frustrated, Nicole carries on with her life, and her dates, until she discovers the secret that Michael has been keeping from her. Meanwhile her two best friends, Amber and Jess, have become loved up with their new boyfriends, and though Nicole has sworn off relationships after watching her parents' implode, she can't help but feel kind of lonely. 

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I love this series! Though the tone of Nicole's story is very different from the other two girls. There seems to be much more to Nicole than meets the eye, whereas with the other two girls the surface was actually more like who they really are (not saying that either of those is wrong, in fact you get both kinds of people in life so I think its very right!) Of course this is completely what I took from the books and the tone in which they were written but I guess that's what reading's about, the reader's perception. 

Fair warning though...Nicole bounces between men a fair bit in this book. She's dating one person, fantasising about another and has a beneficial relationship with at least one other. At no point did I ever feel that Nicole was a slut though (which could have happened if the story and the writing weren't there), in fact I just felt like Nicole was a normal woman making her way in the world, and that just happened to be outside of a relationship. Actually I think that a lot of women would quite like to be like Nicole, knowing what they want and going out and getting it. 

I found it interesting that this book took the reader further back in time than either of the other two. Right back to Jess' first date with David (who was already the past in the first book which was about Jess). I didn't think that this did any harm, in fact it did the opposite, I think that it strengthened the girls' relationship and added another depth to all three of them. Plus Nicole was probably the most mysterious of the three, so this answers some questions about her! 

Despite knowing who Nicole ends up with (partly because of the Hearts series and partly because of the ending of I Love My Side of the Story) I found that I was really interested in finding out how she got to that point with that person...the journey is interesting, particularly because of who it is she ends up with! Sorry, very cryptic there but I can't help that! 

Also major kudos to Nicole for her reaction to finding out Michael's secret...pretty sure that most women wouldn't have the guts!