Sunday, 7 September 2014

Book: I Love My Man by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Man is part 4 of I Love My Fire, book 3 of the I Love My... series.

Nicole has been left heartbroken by her best friend Jess as well as Mark when she couldn't deal with Nicole and Mark together. Having come across Michael while out with her girlfriends she makes a decision that could destroy everything for her. Coming to the realisation that Mark is the only man for her but if she has to choose between her best friend and her man it will tear her apart. Nicole's art show is going to be the centre of everything, and though her nervousness is playing up but the rest of her life needs sorting out too...

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Well that was one hell of a finale! Not how I expected the ending to happen at all. A lot of the loose ends in all three of the girls' stories were tied up, including with Jess' ex, David, which was definitely a surprise. As was Mark's reaction to finding out who one of his investors is, causing me to be incredibly proud of him!

There were a lot more point of views in I Love My Man than in the previous books, reminding me more of the style of the Hearts series (in a good way), though it really emphasised the differences between the girls' perspectives on life. It was also interesting to see the scene of Annie and Brendan 'meeting' (you'll understand the inverted commas if you've read the series, its a little more complicated than that!) from a different perspective, as well as seeing Mark's thoughts.

I think that  I Love My Man had a lot of emphasis on the relationships between women and the effects that those relationships can have if they turn a bit sour. Because of Jess' somewhat shocking (but totally understandable) reactions there was a rift between the girls as hadn't been seen in the other books. But I also thought that Lacey captured how women feel when they don't talk to each other, they miss each other in a very complicated and distressing way. Because it can be distressing when you're not talking to girlfriends.

The intensity of Nicole and Mark was still there as well, and you could feel the energy between them when you read their scenes together, definitely a great couple. This has been a great series, capturing the world of dating and friendships in a way that surpasses most other books!