Sunday, 7 September 2014

Book: I Love My Hope by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Hope is part 2 of I Love My Fire, book 3 of I Love My... series. 

Having had her heart battered by Michael, Nicole runs to her best friends. Moving past the past, Nicole watches as her two best friends struggle with their own love lives, attempting to be happy with her emotionless agreements. And yet when she meets Mark something about him speaks to her and she agrees to show him her paintings,  before anyone else can see them. But despite leaving him behind,  Michael isn't finished with Nicole, and causes her to almost make a huge mistake.  

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This series just keeps dragging me back for more. I Love My Hope has now caught up with both the storylines of Jess and Amber's stories, meaning that all the girls know everything...well everything apart from who Mark is (though to be fair to him he doesn't know that Nicole is Jess' friend). I did wonder how Mark and Nicole came about (I knew about them from the Hearts series) and now I know.

I really liked finding out about Mark, I'd seen glimpses of his personality before, both in I Love My Breakup (the first part of Jess' story) and from Hearts (him being Brendan's best friend) but he's been a secondary character and only now taken a bigger role. He was funny and caring, but at the same time he still wanted sex and less serious things. Though I'm looking forward to seeing Mark break Nicole down! In a good way that is. 

This book really showed the bond between the three leading ladies. It wasn't just that they shared good stuff and had a laugh, but this installment showed how they supported each other when they were down. And that is when you can tell who your real friends are, and that really showed with Nicole, Jess and Amber. 

I really liked the fact that Nicole's art isn't really described. It's a big part of her personality, and ultimately the story, but even though the subject of some of her paintings was mentioned I thought that not describing what they were like was a good move,  and it means that as a reader I have an image of what Nicole's art looked like (which is probably vastly different from anyone else's view of them). I loved that. 

Definitely a series to read! Three very different lead characters, with different styles of story.