Sunday, 7 September 2014

Book: I Love My Chance by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Chance is part 3 of I Love My Fire, book 3 of the I Love My... series.

Having decided to spend the day with Mark, Nicole sees New York through the eyes of a tourist again and even manages to get in some deep thinking. While up until this point she's definitely avoided anything serious, with Mark it just all seems to slot into place. Spending the day together just firms up her belief, and even though its only been a short time since they met it doesn't scare her quite so long as it goes a long with her time line. Of course, she has to now work with Mark too, and gearing up towards her first art show has never been so important. But going out with the girls is about to change everything, and Nicole's assured future might be in jeopardy.

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Well its safe to say that that went down just as dramatically as I'd imagined. I've known since before even starting the series who Mark would end up with (because of the Hearts series) which made it so that I've been expecting the dramatic reveal of what happened between Mark and Jess for a while...and now all I feel is real heartbreak for Nicole, particularly because she seemed so happy. I can't even use the known outcome to make me forget how sad the ending was, which I think shows a lot about how well written and how engaging the characters are.

The ending itself was definitely not what I expected though! I hadn't expected that character to appear in that place or the other character to respond in the way that they did. Very cryptic I know but I want to leave surprises!

The chemistry between Mark and Nicole was intense, I found that it was easily believable that they ended up in bed together. More so that that was the basis of their relationship though there did become more to it. I also really liked the fact that the pair of them talked about things, such as Mark's app and Nicole's art, the two of which are going to make I Love My Man (the next, and last one) very interesting.

There were some funny moments in I Love My Chance as well, my favourite being the moment that Nicole gave her ex, Grant, a dressing down in the park. Quite frankly most women would love to have the opportunity, and the guts, to be able to say something like that to an ex. As well as funny moments, there were also several profound ones, mostly from Jess who seems to have become wise in her un-single status.

I actually think I'm kind of nervous for the characters and what will happen to them in the next one...yet again proving how believable and readable they are!