Saturday, 20 September 2014

Book: Fortune's Risk by Jamie Grey

Fortune's Risk is book 1.5 of the Star Thief Chronicles.

Forced on the run while Renna works her magic back at headquarters, Finn and Viktus are still as against each other as they were before. Pulling into Forever Station, Viktus sees an opportunity to catch the one woman in the universe that he most wants revenge on, and he knows that he needs Finn's help to make his plan work. Finn is hesitant at first but the pirate knows just which buttons to press and has no qualms about using them. Plus Finn needs something to keep his mind of Renna and the blossoming relationship between them. Along with his XO, Keva, Finn gets involved with one of the greatest take downs that the universe has seen.

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Having read books one and two of the series, The Star Thief and Athena's Ashes, I had high hopes for this novella and I definitely wasn't disappointed. Whereas Athena's Ashes followed Renna throughout this book followed several of the secondary characters (as well as Finn) and that was a good change.

There are several things that got explained in Fortune's Risk that were mentioned in Athena's Ashes, most notably what happened with the take down of Kitty Cordoza, and exactly how Viktus won his ship! Though it was hinted at the author didn't actually repeat herself abut the events. There was also the explanation as to what is going on between Keva and Viktus, which did have me wondering!

Whereas until this point Its only been Renna's feelings on her and Finn that were completely evident Fortune's Risk gave an insight into how Finn felt, and how much he missed her. I actually thought that it was really sweet when he thought of her at some points. But at the same time he was accepting of the fact that she has her own life and her own talents.

There was also the growth of the strange bromance between Vicktus and Finn, which I thought worked really well in the other book, and now that there is some context to it I think that it worked even better. They hated each other at the start of Fortune's Risk but gained respect and a kind of friendship, despite Finn's jealousy!

The relationship between Keva and Viktus was definitely interesting. Keva had a bit of a turn around in character and this kind of helped to explain it. What was interesting was that the writing gave clear indications of both of their feelings and it was confusing for them both, but the tension and the passion were definitely there too.

I can't wait to read more from this series! This should be read in between the two other books (though that wasn't where I read it!) and I think that it really adds something to the story.