Friday, 12 September 2014

Book: Daughter of the Red Dawn by Alicia Michaels

Daughter of the Red Dawn is book 1 of the Lost Kingdom of Fallada.

Selena has always had this feeling that she didn't fit into her small town in Texas, but when she planned to get far away she certainly hadn't planned on getting far away to another realm. When Selena meets Titus, a mysterious new comer to town who she gets a strange vibe off, she becomes catapulted towards her destiny as one of the lost Princesses of Fallada. Travelling there she learns more of the terrible events that led Titus to be sent against her, and the deeds or Eranna, who has taken over the land. She also learns more about her strange ability to run at incredible speeds. At 17, Selena has to face more than anyone else her age, as well as considering that she might just have fallen in love...

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I'm not really too sure where to start with this, having just finished the book I kind of have tingles of excitement about what is coming next. I had no doubt that I'd enjoy this book, after all I've enjoyed the rest of the books I've read by Alicia Michaels, including the prequel to this book, Beyond the Iron Gate, but now I'm just even more excited about the rest of this series!

This book combines a rich and vibrant setting which really captures your imagination, as well as fairy tale elements, with real characters who don't automatically assume that good will win, or that they are the best thing that has ever happened to the world. Instead you get two young protagonists, Selena and Titus, who both consider running away and both have doubts about how the whole thing was going to play out, and for once I actually felt like a young adult character was just that.

I enjoyed the world building in Beyond the Iron Gate, but the settings and the world explored in Daughter of the Red Dawn took that to a whole other level. I found myself sucked into them all, whether that was the glittering world of the Fae, the snow and ice covered mountains that is the home to the evil Queen or the exotic land that Selena was born to. Each of the lands had its own feel and its own culture which was brought to life through descriptions of clothing, food and customs, without bogging the reader down with too much information.

I loved the relationship between Titus and Selena. There was something there from the first time they met, and though their relationship progressed quickly, I didn't think that it was too quick, meaning that the bond between them really developed. This bond also demonstrated some of the customs of the werewolves, which was interesting to see, while also showing that two different people can be together.

There were several action scenes in Daughter of the Red Dawn and I thought that they were carried out well, without the blood shed being too graphic, but describing it enough so that you can feel the desperation and the drive that the characters go through. It's a fine line, particularly in young adult fiction, and I definitely think that Alicia Michaels nailed it.

I'm excited to see what happens next in this series and the amazing settings and characters that it by the sound of it Lost Princess number 2 is going to cause a fair bit of drama!