Monday, 1 September 2014

Book: The Babysitter by Dark Inferno

I received a copy of The Babysitter in exchange for my review.

Richard is happily married to Alice, and they have a young son together. One night at an office party, he is wound up by the CEO's daughter who seems to enjoy having affairs with her work force. Wound up more by his wife, who is jealous, the couple return home to relieve Rebecca of her babysitting duties. Tentatively Rebecca asks Richard to help her with a problem with their families laptop, and with both him and his wife having a soft spot for the girl, he goes to help. But things don't go so smoothly and Richard finds himself giving in to temptation...

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I wasn't sure about this book from the blurb that I was sent with the request, so I did something that I barely ever do and I checked Goodreads ratings. They all seemed high so I thought 'why not, I'll give it a go.' And yet, now I've read The Babysitter I have to ask why. Don't get me wrong there are some redeeming qualities, but there are some things I really struggled with.

Mostly I struggled with how young the author made Rebecca sound. She's 21 years old and for the first part she seemed to act more like 12 (Twilight and Hello Kitty...sorry maybe 14 at a push). Which I actually found quite insulting (I'm 22). But then she turned into a sex fiend, suddenly far more mature, and it just didn't work. Or at least it didn't work for me. Then again I'm not a middle aged man who has fantasies about younger women (absolutely nothing wrong with that I might add, but not me).

The other thing that really frustrated me was that Richard didn't really seem to think about his wife all that much. Especially when his wife made it clear that she would have sex with him that night (or that's how I read what Alice was doing anyway). Again maybe that's just me. The cheating aspect of this book was actually what made me more cautious about it in the first place, least now I know for sure that I don't like it!

But as I said there are some good points to this book. The author did a fantastic job of describing the settings and the people, you really could picture the world that he created. There were some...interesting...word choices during the sex scene that got across the description but actually made me cringe a little (again this is me not the author) but it was one of the most realistic sex scenes I think I've ever read, I just didn't find it that sexy.

Also I think that the cover art is fantastic, kudos to whoever the artist is, and more than that I think that it fits the story, and so often covers actually don't.

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