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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Selkie Sorceress by Sophie Moss

I received a copy of The Selkie Sorceress in exchange for my review.

Glenna has been trying to avoid Sam and send him away ever since he arrived on the island. But much to her annoyance, as well as her secret pleasure, he just won't seem to budge. When Sam takes on one last investigation from Tara, to find her husband's lost mother, Glenna knows that she has to stop him. Seemingly working with her mother, the sea witch, on this, Glenna seems to be going against all her friends and that she has something to hide. Meanwhile the islanders thought that the curse of the white selkie was the end of it, though it doesn't appear that way, with sporadic weather and warming seas things are starting to look dangerous even without the sea witch's involvement...

Well that was dramatic! It was a great end to a great trilogy but definitely not the way that I thought it would go. The legends in the three books lead on from one to the other and I think that that works well, though each book does have an increasing amount of magic and mythology making its way into the story. I didn't mind this, I really thought that those elements added to the story and made it unique.

Sam and Glenna were certainly an interesting couple, mainly that their relationship has been seen to progress from them meeting over all three books. But saying that they never actually seem to do anything about it. Until this book that is. Even when they're just in the same room you can feel the chemistry sizzling between them and there were some scenes that seemed to read faster with their impatience. I thought that it worked really well and I believed their relationship.

There were several mysteries in this book, mostly surrounding Brigid and Moira, and what I liked about those mysteries was that it was very difficult to second guess them. There were several things about Brigid that I would never have expected, and Moira's history was just as complicated and interesting as can be expected.

What I liked even more was the way that things were revealed about characters that had already played a part in the story, so you think that you knew everything and then you didn't! With the exception of Glenna who has been mysterious since the beginning.

I know that this is only a trilogy, but I definitely feel that I want more! Maybe when Kelsey becomes older, and I found that I desperately wanted Tara and Dominic to have a child, not too sure why but I do!

The Selkie Spell
The Seal Island Trilogy #1
by Sophie Moss
Publication Date: November 6, 2011
Blitz and Review: The Seal Island Trilogy by Sophie Moss

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American doctor Tara Moore wants to disappear. On the run from an abusive husband, she seeks shelter on a windswept Irish island and dismisses the villagers' speculation that she is descended from a selkie—a magical creature who is bewitching the island. But when a ghostly woman appears to her with a warning, Tara realizes it was more than chance that brought her to this island. Desperate to escape a dark and dangerous past, she struggles against a passionate attraction to handsome islander, Dominic O'Sullivan. But the enchantment of the island soon overpowers her and she falls helpless under its spell. Caught between magic and reality, Tara must find a way to wield both when a dangerous stranger from her past arrives, threatening to destroy the lives of everyone on the island.

Winner of the Best Romance/Fantasy Novel in the 2013 International Book Awards
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