Saturday, 30 August 2014

Book: Unrequited by Melody Grace

I received a copy of Unrequited from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Having run out of a restaurant opening in tears Alicia finds herself in the arms of a stranger and that he is making her feel things that no one else has ever made her feel. When Alicia runs out on him, Dex is left shocked and in awe of the innocent red haired woman that made him feel so much and is determined to make her his. But when he takes her back to his flat it becomes clear that they are both running from their demons and that it will take more than just a kiss for them to truly escape, but if they do they could have something amazing.

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Unrequited is the prequel story to Uninhibited and it filled in some of the gaps in the story. The gap wasn't all that important to the story arc of Uninhibited but it was still good to have it filled in. The gap was the mystery of what happened on the night Alicia and Dex met, as in after she ran off. It was hinted at that Alicia had gone back with Dex after the show but this just confirmed it.

Just as in Uninhibited the chemistry between Alicia and Dex was unbelievable! These two characters have such a connection on the page that you can almost feel the heat coming from the page. Somewhat interestingly though there was actually very little sex between the two characters in this book and somehow that made the chemistry between the two of them even more electric.

There was also a bit more of a basis given for their emotional relationship, with more given on Dex's past than on Alicia's. Because I read Uninhibited first I did already know most of what was told about the two characters but I can appreciate how it would be good to new readers.

This book is slightly less sweet than the sequel, but it still has its a moments! Definitely worth a read, especially if you're planning on reading Uninhibited!

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