Sunday, 3 August 2014

Book: Tiger Lily by Vivian Winslow

I received a copy of Tiger Lily, book 3 of the Gilded Flower series, in exchange for my review.

Now having to survive being used by Gustavo as a part of the hostile takeover of Baron Media, Lily has turned back to the attentions of Todd to take her mind off it. Even when Gustavo invites her for dinner she denies his advances and stays strong. Her sister Dahlia has plans that send Lily back into the arms of Alejandro, a man she finds incredibly attractive but refused to go with because of Gustavo. Now free to pursue something, even if that is a night of unbelievable sex, Lily goes for it, though Alejandro doesn't respond how she expects much to her disappointment, but when a trip skiing puts the two of them in close proximity once more, sparks begin to fly.

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I've really enjoyed Lily's story, and hope that the Gilded Flower series continues, especially considering that teaser at the end of Tiger Lily! Now that really wasn't fair especially considering the next book isn't out yet! I only had one issue with Tiger Lily, and that was that occasionally words were used for intimate areas that just made me cringe. Didn't put me off enough that I didn't enjoy the story arc, but still!

The story arc was stronger in Tiger Lily than in the previous two books, not in a bad way for the other two, but rather that I felt that the other two were about Lily realising and owning her sexuality, whereas Tiger Lily was more about her finding someone that would care about her and cherish her the way that she deserved. And I thought that that was a good progression, and that this book needed to be about more than just sex.

I thought that there was more of Dahlia in this book as well, there's a secret that was hinted at (and I think I know what it is) but isn't outright revealed and I do want to know what that is, and how it is going to affect the twins, especially considering that Dahlia and Lily are dating brothers...all drama.

I'm excited to see more from the series. The characters are realistic and the short reads are perfect if you're looking for something easy to read that has a fun side!

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