Saturday, 16 August 2014

Book: Tainted Snow by Amos Cassidy

Tainted Snow is the second book in Tales from Beyond the Veil, a stand-alone series.

Snow lives under the reign of her step mother, who will stop at nothing to do what she wants. Despite the Queen's own activities with her huntsman, she punishes Snow for experimenting with her sexuality with various members of the palace staff. When the Prince of Seas comes to visit to renew a pact between the two lands, the Queen has every intention of him coming to her bed, but when Zale becomes enamoured with Snow she gets jealous. Her jealousy leads her to plot against her step daughter and cause a rift between the Kingdom of the Seas and the Kingdom of Crystal.

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You won't quite find a whistling and pristine Snow White in Tainted Snow, but you'll find an engaging and believable one. There were elements of the more traditional Snow White story woven in, mostly in Snow's looks, but also in the apple and the jealousy exuded by the Queen. Somehow though, Amos Cassidy has managed to weave that in with their own story and create a whole new character.

The Snow in Tainted Snow is confident and open to exploring her sexuality (with both men and women) though she's cautious about love. Or she was until Prince Zale showed up. Though they were very quick to get physical it actually took almost a month for Snow to admit to herself that she was falling for him, and though that's not an overly long amount of time, compared to most fairy tales I think that it is. I thought that the more jaded Princess actually suited the story line.

There was a major twist in Tainted Snow, mostly surrounding the use of the poisoned apple, and the twist took me completely by surprise. I don't think I'd want to be one of Amos Cassidy's characters if that is what was going to happen to them! But I thought that the twist worked really well, particularly when taking the ending of the book into account.

As Tainted Snow is a stand-alone novella, the ending is complete, and yet there is some of me really wanting to know more about what happened to Snow and Zale next. Not to mention what happened to the Queen and whether she'll ever be brought to justice. There are more novellas coming in the stand-alone series (based on fairy tales) and I'll be reading every one of them!

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