Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Book: Slave Girl by Lisa Cach

I received a copy of Slave Girl from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Nimia has been a slave for 9 years, always knowing that the only man she'll ever know is Sygarius. Except that even he won't touch her until she is officially a women grown. Not even allowed to touch herself other than for basic necessities, Nimia is starved of affection and human contact, not to mention that the lessons in pleasure that Sygarius has been giving her have her coiled tight. When a Barbarian Princeling arrives, Nimia can't help but feel a shot of lust for him, not helped by them being alone, she does the one thing that will get her killed.

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This is one of those books that is difficult to categorise into a genre. Mostly historic fiction, though there were some elements, mostly related to Nimia's people, the Phanne, which tempt me to class it as mythology, not to mention the appearance of Maerlin going to Britannia (which I took as a hint towards some of the Arthurian legends). But the cross genres and the spinning together of the tale was what I liked about Slave Girl. 

 The title of the series, 1,001 Erotic Nights, probably gives away that there is sex in this book, and a fair bit of it, though there is also a lot more to it. Though it hasn't fully developed into its own plot line (yet) there was a fair bit of politics going on, which makes me think that in future books it will develop further. There was also a hint of romance though there are some parts of me that are slightly skeptical as to whether that was real romance or political romance, adding yet another layer to the story.

The sex itself wasn't quite what I expected. Which is weird because I wasn't sure what that was exactly. I wasn't too sure about reading a slave girl having to save her virginity for her master at first, but from the first page it is clear that it is far more complicated than that. For a start Nimia is actually attracted to Sygarius in some ways (though she's more attracted to Clovis), and she seemed to be aware that her actions would have consequences. But then there were the lessons. Now from the title of the series I'd assumed that they would be stories, I was wrong, Nimia definitely had a stroke of voyeurism.

There was also the added complication, or element, of Nimia being a Seer and that her visions became stronger after she lost her virginity. Not all of the visions that she had made sense, though those that did hinted at a future different from the life she was in.

I didn't expect Slave Girl to draw me in quite as much as it did, and I would definitely read more from this series, the characters and the settings were detailed and rich.

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