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Book: Searching Hearts by Sabrina Lacey

Searching Hearts is book 0.5 of the Hearts Series.

Brendan has been left heartbroken by Sara, the love of his life, and has retreated to a cottage by the sea to lick his wounds. The woman in the cottage next door, Rebecca, draws his attention and he immediately wants to act on his attraction to the sexy older woman. But Rebecca hasn't told him that she is married or that she separated from her husband just the day before, and when he discovers that, Brendan's attitude towards women and only using them for pleasure is cemented for good...

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I read Searching Hearts between reading books 5 and 6, I'm mentioning this because I do think that it has some relevance on how I read it...namely how I read Rebecca's character, though to some extent Brendan's too. The characters at the end of book 5 were nothing like the characters that are in Searching Hearts, and it was interesting to be able to see where their journey started. Particularly where Brendan and Rebecca's journey together started...well not together together but still.

I thought that it was interesting to see the thought process that took Brendan over the edge from a one woman man to a bit of a play boy, and even more interesting was the way in which Rebecca was involved in turning him kind of cold hearted. Up until this point I hadn't considered that some of it might be because of a woman other than Sara. Even more interesting was the fact that I can see how Brendan's thought process worked and thought that it was kind of understandable...which goes back to Lacey's characters being so real.

Searching Hearts cemented the humanisation of Rebecca, from jealous woman to human being, that started in the fifth book. I thought that it was good to see that side of her, though I couldn't read her without thinking about all the things that she has done to Brendan and Annie since.

I'm glad I read this book when I did rather than at the very beginning, I think that it is interesting as a look at how the characters have changed, and prefer that to as an introduction!

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