Saturday, 16 August 2014

Book: Riding Red by Amos Cassidy

Since her father left, Scarlett's life has been far from ideal. Her mother married a pimp who keeps looking at Scarlett as if he wants to devour her. As time passes Scarlett finds herself wanting to escape in the woods more and more, until she comes across a cottage and the handsome Red. Though he tells her to go she comes back, until the point that Scarlett's mother throws her out in a jealous rage. Rejected by her family and her village, Scarlett returns to the cottage and Red reveals that she isn't quite who she thinks she is, but rather she is a Were and from the land of Septom. But even though life Beyond the Veil is better than the life she has in the village, there still is more at play than Scarlett realises.

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Riding Red is a short and quick read loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, and I say loosely because though there are ties to the story Riding Red is very much its own story, and at some points there were parts of the plot that took me completely by surprise (particularly the conclusion of the story!)

As a main female character, and narrator, Scarlett sums up exactly what I like/want in fairy tale retellings. She isn't a woman in need of saving, rather a woman who will try her best to save herself. Though she does need help on occasion! She was sure of what she wanted and wasn't scared to stand up for it, both to her family and to others.

I thought that the introduction to life Beyond the Veil was interesting but mostly intriguing, there's only been a glimpse and I do want to read and know more about it. It is clear that the culture(s) are well thought out, down to how to successfully change a Were (i.e. it can only be done with permission and to someone that has Were blood).

Though the romance between Scarlett and Red was swift it did feel like the two characters had a connection and despite the speed I found myself believing that the two of them truly cared for each other and should be together, which is good considering the short length of the story could have made it work less.

I'm looking forward to the future tales from Beyond the Veil and once again have found that Amos Cassidy are an awesome writing team!

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