Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book: Red and Her Wolf by Marie Hall

Red and Her Wolf is book 3 of the Kingdom Series.

The Heartsong was born of fairy magic and was protected as such until the Black Fairy decided she should die. Sending her wolves to do the job all goes to plan until Ewan realises that the Heartsong, Violet, is his mate, and realises he'll do anything to protect her. But that is when things start to go wrong, and the Heartsong is sent to Earth to hide from those that would kill her, whereas Ewan must stay in his human form for fifty years. 500 years later, Ewan still misses his mate, though there are signs that he will soon be reunited with her. Danika has hated lying to one of her boys, she knew that it was for his own good, but now she'll do anything to help Ewan get back his Red.

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Firstly, I thought that Red and Her Wolf was the most traditional of the stories retold in The Kingdom Series so far. By that I mean that almost all of the aspects of Little Red Riding Hood were used in the early story, but they were then expanded upon to make a whole new story for Red/Violet and Ewan. This also took into account the motives of the wolf to eat Red's Grandmother.

There was also more of an overlap into other stories, in this case the Jinni played more of a part, and was expanded upon making me interested to see where his story is headed. There was also an update on Alice and the Hatter from book 1, who are happy and just as mad as each other now, and even a mention of Hansel and Gretel.

The other difference between this book and the others was that there was more seen of Kingdom itself, and it became clear that the world Hall has created is both vivid and varied. Again making me want to see more of the world and its characters!

I found it very interesting that in this book the fairies played a big part, and it became clearer that there are a lot of rivalries between them that cause friction, as well as power play. Thankfully though this did include more Danika time, and each time she is on page it becomes clearer that her motivations truly lie with her boys' happiness.

I can't wait to read more from this series! The imagination and variety in this series just keeps getting better!

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