Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Book: One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy

I received a copy of One Night of Sin from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Skyler's always been a good girl, and recently that's dampened her fun. But one night, while on a date, she ends up at the nightclub Sin and claps her eyes on the sexy part owner, Gage. All Gage knows about Skyler is that he's not good enough for her and that he is ridiculously attracted towards her, especially when he finds himself in an alley with her. Determined to prove to him that she wants to be bad, Skyler sets out to seduce him. When she manages she realises she can't just have him once and leave him, but after a while Gage finds himself breaking the just sex rule that he gave her...

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I love Entangled publishing books. I can't help it, but I am yet to find one that I don't like, particularly from the Brazen imprint (well actually from any of their imprints) so really just keep them coming! One Night of Sin was actually surprisingly sweet, I think I was expecting more passion than sweetness (though do not get me wrong there is plenty of sizzle!)

I really liked how complicated Skyler was, she was a good girl basically, and yet here she was wanting to do bad things (her words!) with the incredibly sexy sounding Gage. There was more to it than that though, she wanted to look after him and protect him, which is partly where the sweetness came in. Though Gage's attempt at that ended badly for both of them -  the idiot!

Both the main characters had stuff to deal with from the past, though Gage's was 'worse' than Skyler's I do think that it helped to make both of the characters less perfect, and so more believable. It also made Gage come across as more emotional and Skyler as slightly colder. Again I think that this made them both more realistic as people.

There were funny moments in One Night of Sin, as well as moments where I was worried for the characters, mainly Gage. But whatever moment it was I was loving it. This book is definitely worth a read!

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