Sunday, 31 August 2014

Book: I Love My Side of the Story by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Side of the Story is book 2 of the I Love My...series. 

Amber and Josh have hit a rut. The resentment between the two of them just keeps growing and much to Amber's disappointment the sex has stopped completely. Josh doesn't like the way that Amber kept one secret from him, and since moving in with her has felt that she is trying to control his life. Even the advice that her best friends, Jess and Nicole, has been failing to gain Josh's attention and eventually Amber has just had enough. All she wants is the love of her man, and she wants him to show it. 

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I Love My Side of the Story is told from both Josh and Amber's point of views. To some extent this did mean that some of the scenes were half duplicated, but were different because of the way in which Josh and Amber saw things differently. In this book, mainly because the issue was with an established couple, I think that the dual narrative worked well, otherwise it would have been very one sided. 

Up until this book things have always been through Amber's point of view (through her talking to Jess in her book, I Love My Healed Heart - made up of 4 parts), but now that Josh's view point was added things started to get a little more complicated, after all there was no doubt that the problems were actually started by Amber but just started affecting Josh too. Ultimately they were both in the wrong.

The book took the reader back through the history of Josh and Amber, from the day they met through to the present day (though not all in chronological order, which does work in the way the story flows I might add). This was particularly good because they were already established and some context was probably necessary for their story to work. It also meant that a lot of their present day problems were actually normal couple problems rather than anything drastically unique to them. 

As with the I Love My Healed Heart books there were funny moments in I Love My Side of the Story, thought there were less of them, which helped with the feeling of Jess and Amber being different people. There were definite tone changes, and it is clear that the relationship and the women themselves are completely different from each other. 

I really enjoyed I Love My Side of the Story, and will definitely soon be reading Nicole's story (particularly now I know how she meets Mark - made me giggle a bit when he turned up - which I had been wondering about!) 

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