Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book: I Love My Office Fling by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Office Fling is part 2 of I Love My Healed Heart (Book 1 of I Love My...)

After spending the night with a complete stranger (in part 1) Jessica has felt more alive and open than ever before. Her life carries on as normal though, including the job that she hates, until her co-worker James comes to her one day and she discovers that, despite office rumours, he definitely isn't gay. Unable to deny her attraction to him, Jessica goes for it with him and finds herself yielding to his demands, despite the fact that she knows that it might end badly...

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I Love My Office Fling proved to be as good as the previous installment, I Love My Breakup, and like the previous installment, it had me laughing aloud at Jessica's observations in life! I couldn't help but relate to her because she was so refreshingly normal for a book character, and because her inner monologue is so like my own, particularly in situations where it shouldn't be! Even more so because sometimes her inner monologue got spoken aloud!

I also really liked the fact that she did inappropriate things (sex in the work place) and didn't do them because she thought she might get marriage and happily ever after (though I'm sure she'll get one!) but instead is more scratching an itch. Too many authors over look the fact that most women aren't blushing virgins anymore when they meet their 'one' and sometimes you just need a book that is closer to the truth...which is what this series (and the Hearts series before it) has provided me.

There was more of an introduction to the trio of girls in this installment as well, which I liked because their friendship seemed so genuine (and again kind of similar to the friendships that I have with my Uni friends...we lived together, and any woman who has lived with female friends will know the kind of thing that creates!) and again that just made the story seem real to me.

The chemistry between James and Jessica was there...whether it was there for a night or there for more is yet to be seen, but I think that it could work either way depending on what the author does with it...and actually I find myself thinking that it doesn't matter either way, it'll still be a great story.

There seems to be a lot to say, and a lot that happened, in a short installment, but I think that that says a lot about the quality of the writing and the enjoyment I took from the book.

P.S. As I am reading I Love My Healed Heart in its installments rather than in one go, I am writing separate reviews, however they are all on the same day!

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