Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book: I Love My Freak Out by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Freak Out is part 3 of book 1 of the I Love My... series.

After finding out that he is the ex of her boss from Hell, Jessica has been avoiding James, not that he's impressed by that. Being Fashion Week it doesn't take James long to hunt her down and prove to her all the reasons why she shouldn't be avoiding him. Overhearing a comment from her boss about taking James to an event, Jessica loses it and storms off to confront him, confusing him with David in her head. When her emotions get the better of her, James surprises her by coming through, which causes something in Jessica's heart to change. Now she has to make a choice, between her sexy stranger and her sexy office fling.

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I'm not even sure where to start with expressing my love of this book and this series. Though I Love My Freak Out continues with the funny commentary on her life and the events, it seemed to have a more serious over tones now. There were definitely more of Jessica's emotions involved in this book and that actually felt like a natural progression.

The great thing about the increased level of emotion in the book was that it wasn't just in relation to James, the love interest in this book, but also because of her ex David, who she didn't seem to be quite over despite moving on, which I do think is realistic. There also seemed to be her work affecting her a bit, and it all came together in a freak out. A completely believable freak out.

I actually started liking James a lot more in this installment, simply because of his actions towards Jessica. Everyone has been in a situation like that and not everybody reacts the way he did (but boy do I wish they did!) and it just seemed to work!

The other thing about it was that there was more 'girl time' in this book. Nicole and Amber were there in the other parts of the story, but it just seemed to step up a gear in Freak Out and I found that I got more of a sense of them as characters and of their friendship together.

There was also the scenes at the end of Freak Out that filled the reader in on exactly what happened with David. There was definitely a tone change for that, which is both impressive and sad for Jessica as a character. I felt heartbroken for her just reading it!

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