Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book: I Love My Destiny by Sabrina Lacey

I Love My Destiny is part 4 of book 1 of the I Love My... series.

Having to chose between two attractive men shouldn't be this hard. With the stranger she met on an off chance, Mark, and her work colleague, James, both wanting to take her out, Jessica has to chose between the two guys. But sometimes things are just a bit more important, and with Fashion Week going on, Jessica's job has to come first. Especially once she has a pep talk from Chris, a guy from her yoga class, and realises some things that she'd forgotten...

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I don't even know where to start expressing my love of this series! This is the last part of Jessica's story (named over all I Love My Healed Heart) and it was such a perfect ending because of the complexity of Jessica's life. And that isn't just her love life, but her work life and her friends as well. Basically in this book it all mixed together so that there wasn't just one thing changing dramatically for her, instead there were many things. I've probably said this about all of Lacey's books that I've reviewed, but that realness to the characters makes all the difference.

I wasn't overly surprised about the ending, after all the foundations of what was about to happen were placed, not just in this book but in an earlier book too, though saying that there were a couple of points where I couldn't help but think that it could have gone another way. Again I think that this is just another way that the story reflects real life...along with Jessica's amusing comments!

In this book I really started to worry about how much I was able to relate to Jessica. She said things without thinking (and thought worse things), got easily worked up about stuff, and at one point she even said that she wanted to be alone with a book rather than around people (now THAT sounds familiar! Though I do like people). Basically, Jessica is your every woman. She isn't perfect and I suspect that most readers will find something about her that they can relate to!

One of the themes other than romance in Destiny was that of Jessica's job. She's winged about her job for the entire series as I suspect most people do, though it's also been clear that she does actually enjoy it to some extent. What happened in this one was that she rediscovered that she had ambitions. Again this is what makes the book so realistic to me, Jessica's life was ok but not great, and then parts of it changed!

Now I've finished Jessica's story I really should read something else! But I'll be coming back for the next part very soon!

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