Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book: I Love My Breakup by Sabrina Lacey

Jessica just broke up with her boyfriend after he cheated on her, but has found that she feels lonely and wants sex. Deciding that she should answer a 'sex ad' she meets a stranger for a night of passion. Instantly she feels better and finds her life picking up a bit, until a really bad afternoon brings her back down, topped off by her ex trying to get back in touch with her. But coming home to find the stranger with a bunch of flowers instantly picks her up, though Jessica isn't ready to put her heart back on the line.

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I Love My Breakup is a short read that will draw you straight into the world that Lacey creates. Having just finished the Hearts Series I really needed the start of something new by the same author, and I Love My Breakup really worked for that!

Like with the Hearts Series, the characters are real people. They don't make decisions that are necessarily wise or the best for them, and they don't have things magically work out for them. But that is exactly what I liked about them (and that some of the characters cross over). Though this is the introduction to the story so there was less characters and more time developing the lead, Jessica.

Most importantly I thought, Jessica was an ordinary woman. She wasn't perfect, or at least she didn't think that she was perfect, and she had her own hang ups like most women do, which I think made her instantly likable as a character, as well as allowing female readers to relate to her. On top of that Jessica was funny, and hats off to Lacey for being able to pull off funny writing (its probably the hardest to do consistently!) More worryingly I found myself relating completely with Jessica's thought streams and off side comments...definitely the kind of thing that goes on in my head.

The situation that Jessica ends up in with Mark is a potentially dangerous situation (she didn't know who he was) but this does go back to my point about the characters in Lacey's books not always making the best decisions for themselves, but also it is important to remember that this is fiction, and the idea of reading fiction (or at least for me) is to experience something you'd never do yourself...and so that is why this works for me.

This is definitely a series of books that I can see myself getting attached to! Though it probably helps that I'm already a big fan of Lacey's books!

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