Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book: Flame by Alicia Michaels

I received a copy of Flame, book 5 of the Bionics Series, in exchange for my review.

Though Dax is now rid of his rival for Blythe's heart, he's also lost the man who was becoming his best friend, and yet Blythe isn't the only one in his heart anymore. Now with Yasmine, Dax has more to concentrate on, particularly with the Revolution becoming more prominent in its peaceful attempts at peace, something that is threatened almost daily by the Rejects, a group of Bionics who think they are better than anyone else. Secretly helping Gage to carry on his resistance work means that Dax escapes death once more, and carries on to fight another day, but at what cost?

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Flame has completely lived up to the previous books in this series, and I found myself quickly drawn back into the Bionics world. Flame's narrated by Dax (the second book to be narrated by him as he narrated book 2, Blythe books 1 and 4, and Gage book 3), which gave a whole new perspective on what Blythe had managed to do in the previous book. I mentioned in one of my previous reviews how I liked the way in which the narrators switch, as Michaels doesn't repeat parts of the story but does give a different perspective.

There was a truly heartbreaking moment for me in Flame, and anyone who has read the book will know the bit that I mean. What was amazing about it was that the main characters it affected weren't narrating the book (though the event did affect Dax too) and I spent quite a while muttering 'no' under my breath. Though it later transpired that the events weren't quite what I thought.

This book did a lot of shocking me actually! Not just the event I very cryptically described above, but in character's reactions to things, as well as some of the other more minor events that transpired. Though the writing makes it clear that Michaels loves her characters, she's not afraid to make them suffer and work for what they want, which gives the story far more meaning.

Complete side note from the majority of the review, but I love the kind of bromance thing that Gage and Dax have going on now, particularly now that Blythe and feelings are more to the side with them. Partly because of Yasmine, partly because of Gage and partly because of Blythe herself, Dax's feelings towards her have changed, meaning that his motivations are different. I thought it was a good thing because as much as I like Dax as a character, it was always (and probably will always) be Gage and Blythe in my head.

I haven't even scratched the surface of the awesomeness of this book, and its only a novella. But if you haven't read any of The Bionics Series yet then you are definitely missing out! I can't wait to read more from the series!

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