Thursday, 21 August 2014

Book: The Emporium by Amos Cassidy

While on holiday in Greece, Kara comes across a strange building called The Emporium. Going there more than once she meets Kincaid and Madame Celeste. Kara can't help but feel attraction between herself and Kincaid, and would like nothing more than to take things further with him. After being chased out of the Emporium by his mother, Kara returns to England, only to find that a presence has followed her back. Not only that but she finds that the Emporium has also moved with her and she begins visiting more often and letting Kincaid paint her. Though things aren't quite as they seem, and Kara is in more danger than she knows, particularly when Madame Celeste starts getting involved...

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If you ever need a book that will keep you guessing until the very end then this is the book for you! Though it is clear early on that there is something paranormal about the events of The Emporium it isn't clear exactly what, which is just one of the things that kept me guessing throughout the book. Even when it became clear what the paranormal element was there was still a mystery as to why. I really enjoyed reading a book and not being able to guess what was going on in it!

What I found really interesting was that there was one of the characters that I didn't actually trust at all, and it turned out that it was the wrong character to not trust. I think that that was all a part of the mystery and part of what the authors are so good at. Even though I didn't trust that character until the very end I was satisfied with how the story ended.

Something else that the authors are good at is the presence of gay characters. It may seem like a strange thing to mention but I really love that Amos Cassidy includes gay characters in places where they don't need to be gay, but neither do the characters need to be straight. I think that it adds something to the story, as well as making it more realistic in relation to the real world.

There wasn't all that much 'action' in The Emporium (as in fight action, there was plenty of bed action!) and yet there was a lot of suspense and the plot just kept going. I didn't put this book down at all when reading and have once again thoroughly enjoyed Amos Cassidy's book!

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