Thursday, 14 August 2014

Book: Capturing and Releasing Hearts by Sabrina Lacey

I received a copy of Capturing and Releasing Hearts, book 6 of the Hearts Series, in exchange for my review.

Brendan and Annie were left heartbroken when Brendan discovered that Annie had lied to him about knowing him before. Though they both find themselves yearning for the other they are both too proud to forgive or to beg forgiveness. Add to the mix that Christiano has come to win Annie back and Brendan has competition without even knowing it. Meanwhile Tommy is still cautious about his friendship with Brendan just in case he is revealed to be the gunman, and is even more nervous about the idea of encountering Annie again...

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I was both excited and a little sad to start reading Capturing and Releasing Hearts, its the last book in the series and had a lot to live up to considering how good the rest of the Hearts Series is! I wasn't disappointed, I thought that the ending was perfect, sweet and fit well with the characters (right up til the impromptu comments and actions that people make!)

As I have probably mentioned in the rest of my reviews on this series, one of the big things that I like about it is that the characters are so real. They react like real people and interact like real people. It meant that there was no over night forgiveness, and that there was pain for the main characters, but that made the ending all the sweeter, and more real.

I also felt that all of the loose ends were tied up (though I would still love to see more from these characters!) Even as far as tying up Christiano, and not having his closure would probably have felt incomplete. With Christiano I thought there was another character that redeemed himself, I can't really say why but up until this book I just didn't like him that much. All of the characters in Hearts have redeemed themselves some way...well except Tommy but that was never going to happen.

All of the points of view in Capturing and Releasing Hearts are POVs readers have had before, which adds more to the switching between Brendan and Annie's point of views, with the exception of Mark (which was a really interesting POV to have I thought! And it made me really interested in reading his story...not that I hadn't already downloaded it!)

The Hearts Series has been fantastic from start to finish, and though I'm sad that it's over I at least have Lacey's other books to read!

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