Saturday, 23 August 2014

Book: The Breaking by Olivia Lawless

I received a copy of The Breaking in exchange for my review.

Lily has been stood up by her boyfriend and ends up being attacked by two men at the bar only to be saved by a powerful woman, Ms. Rose. Seeing saving Lily as a debt that Lily has to repay, Ms. Rose takes Lily back to her school/business and keeps her there. On the first night instead of ignoring what was going on in the room next to the bed, Lily finds herself wanting to watch, and wanting to join in. Ms. Rose then teaches Lily new meanings to the words pleasure and pain.

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I haven't really decided how I feel about this book yet. And I think that has something to do with the fact that though there was a vague story line, there was very little in the book other than the sex and the BDSM. I can understand why some people want that, but as a reader I don't, which is what has confused me about this book.

The other thing that really put me off was the lack of even a mention of a safe word until three quarters of the way through and even then it wasn't implemented. Which just kind of made it seem to me like the characters could take it too far. I know that they wouldn't because it is fiction, but I don't think that I liked the message that it sent off.

What I did like was the way that the author wrote the confusion that Lily felt about the whole thing. She didn't know why she was liking what she liked, only that she did, and it took her a bit of time to come to terms with that. I thought that that made her much more real as a character.

I'm still not too sure about this book, though I can see why other people would like it.

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