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Book: Bittersweet Revenge by J L Beck

I received a copy of Bittersweet Revenge in exchange for my review.

Jenna's life has been hell for the past year because of the rumours that Corey has spread around the school. Other than the fact that she refused to have sex with him, Jenna can't think of anything that has made Corey hate her so much. But then Corey's cousin, Rex, comes to town, and Jenna finds herself quickly falling for him and his sincerity. Meanwhile something seems to be going on with her best friend Mimi and Corey, though definitely not of the love sense, there seems to be much more to their relationship than dislike...

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The first thing that I feel I should say about this book is that there is no happily ever after within the story. However, there is a somewhat clear set up for one in the next book, so please don't let that put you off! The lack of a happy ending doesn't actually stop the story from feeling complete either, the characters finished the journey that they were meant to go on and the time difference between the main book and the epilogue fives the distance of time that the characters need. 

What I really liked about this book was the friendship between Jenna and Mimi and how that was portrayed. It wasn't just your typical 'talk about the guy we like' friendship, but also one where they stood up for each other and played pranks. Not to mention that shocking event of a teenage friendship fall out (me and my best friend had so many of those!) Also, Mimi came out with some cracking lines so there was very little to fault there. 

As with the fall outs in the teenage relationship, there were other aspects of teenage life, and teenage life at school, which I thought were more true to life than many books like this. Namely, the characters swore, and talked about sex a lot. And thought about sex a lot for that matter. Now that's how I remember my last year of school, definitely with words stronger than 'darn' and I really appreciated that the author added that element of realism. 

I also though that Jenna's reaction to betrayal (by more than one character to varying degrees) was perfectly reasonable and gave another layer to her character. That and the fact that her relationships and friendships seemed complex and with multiple layers. 

Basically if you're looking for a high school romance (ish) that actually reflects what real life school is like, then Bittersweet Revenge would definitely be a good read! 

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