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Blog Tour: Death Angel by Ashley Robertson

I received a copy of Death Dealer in exchange for my review.

As a Death Dealer, death is something that Mia has had to come to terms with, and when having to help transport the soul of her grandmother she encounters Deacon, her Death Dealer partner for when they have to work in pairs. Given her next assignment, Mia is finally faced with the man that she's always wanted to see punished; the man that brutally murdered her parents. Deacon is sent along with her because of the risk of her not thinking logically. Deacon's feelings for Mia have changed drastically recently, and seeing her deal with a drastic change in the job just convinces him further that there is more to it.

I really didn't want to put Death Dealer down, it was one of those books that drew me in, due to both the world and the characters that the author created. Thankfully I have the second book, Blood Promise, on my Kindle so I can get stuck into that one soon!

There was a small cast of characters in Death Dealer and I thought that that worked well. Mia and Deacon were very clearly the main characters, and you got the feelings and thoughts of both of them (via a third person narrative) meaning that there was no mystery for the reader as to how they felt about each other (but more about that in a minute). The other characters included their direct boss and two of the souls that needed transporting to what can only really be termed as the afterlife.

The souls as characters were interesting. Both of them had personal connections to Mia, the first being her grandmother and the second being the murderer of her parents. Mia collecting the soul of her grandmother was particularly moving, and I felt that the emotions between the two of them were well captured and seemed to be realistic (given the circumstances that is). The introduction of the second soul was especially interesting as it explored the concept of redemption, and whether someone who has done bad things could be saved in the end. I thought that it was both refreshing and interesting that the author didn't take such a black and white view of the situation.

The romance between Deacon and Mia was interesting, particularly as it wasn't developed in the book per say. What I mean by that is that the feelings between the two of them were already there prior to the start of the book. Though they did both only fully realise what that meant during the events of the book. Refreshingly, as soon as they both realised what it was going on they acted upon it, and the lack of dancing around the issue worked well.

I loved Mia as a character not only because of her relationship with Deacon, nor her interactions with the souls but also because she was independent and capable of looking after herself, but still admitting that sometimes she needed help and be grateful for gaining it.

I loved this book and can't wait to see what book 2 has in store!


Death brought them together… …Now Death may tear them apart. After a couple blissful months exploring their new relationship—while balancing their hectic soul-guiding jobs—Deacon and Mia are faced with their biggest threat yet. Fellow Death Dealers are being murdered and the one thing they know for sure is that no human is capable of such a thing. Their cryptic Death Angel boss has some answers, and discovering them could put Mia in more danger than ever before. The battle between good and evil wages on and time is of the essence to find the killer before another murder can happen. But learning their identity sends shock waves throughout the underworld, and the threat of an apocalypse looms. When Mia finally uncovers the reason her Death Angel boss saved her from dying, her life is turned upside down… and now the whole world depends on her to save it.

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