Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blog Tour: Blood Promise by Ashley Robertson

I received a copy of Blood Promise, book 2 in the Death Angel Series, in exchange for my review.

Since being saved from the brink of death, Mia has been training harder than ever, but Deacon still can't help but worry about her. As an elite Death Dealer, Deacon shouldn't have many problems fighting demons, but when he gets into trouble Mia rushes to the rescue. Unfortunately she sees something that turns the Death Dealers' world upside down, and places her in more danger than she can possibly imagine. But the last thing that either Deacon or Mia expect is to be told that Mia might have the power to be the one to save them all...

I need more from this series! I thought after the first book that these couldn't get better (I just thought that they'd stay at awesome) but I was wrong. This book was even better, with a fast pace and in depth characters. I read it in one sitting and don't even care about the lost sleep!

Deacon and Mia's relationship has moved on from the insatiable need for each, well that is still there! It was always clear that what they felt for each other was more than just physical, but in this book you really got a sense of how much. They worried when each other got into trouble (they could tell via the bond) and they both freaked out majorly when their bond disappeared. Added to this was the revelation that Death Dealer feelings were allegedly just remnants of their human lives, though with these two I'm pretty convinced that it is more than that. Especially after what Abram said!

There were more characters added into Blood Promise than there were in Death Dealer, and I thought that added more to the story and certainly allowed more to come out about Death Dealer culture and the way that transporting the souls works. This book showed what happened when a dark soul was transported as well (whereas in the previous books there had only been light souls) and it did have me questioning how exactly a soul became dark.

The, for potential want of a better word, mythology, surrounding the Death Dealers and Death Angels was revealed more in this book as well. The hierarchy of angelic beings came into play as well. Its been clear since the start that the whole system is based on balance in the world, and that continued when the higher beings came into play. Though the existence of angels and like beings, and even reapers, isn't a new idea, I thought that the author did it with a style and background that made this different. And I still want to know more!

I loved reading Death Dealer and Blood Promise, definitely want more from the series, and I'm now looking into other books by the author!


Death brought them together… …Now Death may tear them apart. After a couple blissful months exploring their new relationship—while balancing their hectic soul-guiding jobs—Deacon and Mia are faced with their biggest threat yet. Fellow Death Dealers are being murdered and the one thing they know for sure is that no human is capable of such a thing. Their cryptic Death Angel boss has some answers, and discovering them could put Mia in more danger than ever before. The battle between good and evil wages on and time is of the essence to find the killer before another murder can happen. But learning their identity sends shock waves throughout the underworld, and the threat of an apocalypse looms. When Mia finally uncovers the reason her Death Angel boss saved her from dying, her life is turned upside down… and now the whole world depends on her to save it.

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