Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Anthology: Touched by Shadow Caressed by Light

Touched by Shadow, Caressed by Light is an anthology of short stories and poems with paranormal/urban fantasy themes.
Sweet Dreams by Leah Patterson
Awakening by Laura Greenwood
His Hands (poem) by Cie Jae Smith
A Dangerous Tale by Rebecca A Wrigley
Dear One by Roxanne Daveney
Hot (poem) by Cie Jae Smith
After Midnight by Angel Edenburn
The Doll and the Baby by Cole Williams
Underneath by Rebecca A Wrigley
Other by Sarah Hall
King Arthur's Boots by Giselle Marks
Tease (poem) by Cie Jae Smith
Starcrossed by Rebecca A Wrigley
Night Games by Angel Edenburn

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My review is for all but one of the contributions because that contribution is my own! (Awakening!) which is very exciting, but for obvious reasons I can't review my own short story! I did recently promise myself that I would start reading some more anthologies though, so this fits the bill (as well as kind of promoting myself!)

I really enjoyed the other stories in Touched by Shadow, Caressed by Light, and what I liked the most about them was that they were all different, in tone, in characters and in settings and I think that really showed through. It is definitely safe to say that there is something for everyone in this collection. Also other anthologies that I've read didn't include poems, and I think that they worked well in this case, particularly when they offered a break between stories.

Genre wise all the short stories followed along a paranormal/urban fantasy theme to a varying degree, though there were also some elements of the horror genre (Doll from The Doll and the Baby was really creepy I found!) as well as romance elements (from sweet to erotic).

There are several of the stories (and so the authors) that I'd love to know more about because they dragged me in, even though they were short in length, and I think that says a lot about how good the writing is (not a comment on myself I might add, I'm actually terrible at putting myself down about my writing) and I found that the authors each had their own individual tones.

I really enjoyed the other stories in this anthology, well worth the read!

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