Friday, 18 July 2014

COVER REVEAL: Alterra by Zachary Bonelli

About the Book: 
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Zachary BonelliI grew up in a small town in Illinois. After graduating high school, I dual majored in English Literature and German Language at a small, Midwestern liberal arts college. After undergrad, I turned my eyes towards exploration, and spent many years in Japan, Thailand and Hawaii.
Young people on Alterra must choose. After they complete secondary school, they enroll either in University—a life of science and mathematical pursuits—or Monastery—a life of literature, history and spiritual depth. Initiate Le is in his final year of school. All his life, he has prepared himself for University, but something feels wrong. Neither University nor Monastery compel him forward. One night, Le discovers a young man from his school sneaking into a ‘zone,’ a dangerous area where nanotechnology runs rampant, cordoned off from the rest of the city. Against all reason, Le follows Initiate Stok inside. What he discovers will change him and his world forever. Equal parts love story, military adventure and social philosophy, Alterra is the story of three young men striving to save two estranged parallel worlds whose only hope for survival is to rectify the ancient schism that shattered them both.
About the Author: 
Nowadays, I live with my partner near Seattle, Washington, where I work as a web developer.
I love stories. I’ve long been fascinated by video games as a storytelling medium, and I love exploring different cultures, discovering the different underlying stories that different groups of people tell themselves, the stories that define who we are and how we perceive the world.
I contribute frequently to the Science Fiction Writers Google+ Community.
The best way to reach me is by email.