Sunday, 20 July 2014

Book: Uninhibited by Melody Grace

I received a copy of Uninhibited from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Alicia has been in love with Hunter since she met him in college, but the problem is he doesn't seem to realise it. Nothing she's done has taken her mind from the unrequited love until she meets Dex. A rock star who ran from the spotlight after a disastrous night in London, but he can feel the spotlight calling him and the only thing that can stave it off is Alicia. Giving in to her urges, Alicia takes Dex up on his offer of a week without limits and without distractions, just the two of them. Thing is neither of them expected to start feeling the way that they do about each other, and that complicates things slightly...

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 This book has it all in the relationship, the passion, the chemistry and the connection. I found it really easy to believe the two characters when they were together, even though they were total opposites.  But I found that worked. On the surface you had cool and controlled Alicia and the reckless and impulsive Dex, but they both had secrets and other sides to them that they kept hidden.

There was a lot of focus on the almost instantaneous connection and relationship between them, though I found it less bothersome than in some other books because it was commented on that the connection was instant and quick and part of the plotline was surrounding the fact that when you know you're meant to be with someone then you just know straight off.

There were a few surprises in Uninhibited such as the reason that Dex stopped performing. When he first mentioned (in his thoughts) that there was an incident in London, I was expecting something that was more directly linked to him than it was. But I also thought that the event that did take place, and his reaction to the event made him much deeper as a character.

Ultimately the main thing that I liked about this book was the depth that the characters had, and the depth that their relationships had, which made them believable, likable and very human. There was also a real sense of passion in Dex and Alicia's relationship!

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