Monday, 7 July 2014

Book: Tangling Hearts by Sabrina Lacey

I received a copy of Tangling Hearts, book 5 of the Hearts Series, in exchange for my review.

Though it hasn't been long since the shooting at Annie's bar, Brendan's been falling for Annie harder than he ever anticipated and starts to think about things that he hasn't really considered with women in years; a relationship. But Annie's secret is now known by Rebecca, as well as by Tommy, and both of them want to hurt the couple in different ways, and it is only a matter of time before it is revealed. When he's just beginning to trust her, how will Annie's lie affect Brendan? And will it tear apart their new relationship?

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This series just proves what little patience I have when it comes to reading books I love...I've had this book just over a day and already had to read it, and had to know what happened next with Brendan and Annie. I think that really shows how invested in the characters I have become, and how vividly Lacey paints her picture, with both the characters and the story line.

I felt really on edge in this book just waiting for Brendan to find out that he did know Annie before (from the events in book 1 Throbbing Hearts) and the fallout from it. I really didn't want it to happen because they were being so cute with each other...well cute in the new relationship way where there's lots of sex...and it was looking up for them. At the same time I knew that it had to come out and that it would hurt the characters. I think that this is a perfect example of the real life situations that this series has shown, especially because people aren't perfect, and relationships, love and all that other life stuff is messy and definitely not clean cut!

Rebecca surprised me in this book as well. I fully expected her to go through with her plan, and though I'm still not sure quite what to make of her, I'm glad she didn't. Tommy on the other hand...well I just plain don't like him (and not just for the obvious reason) and I certainly don't think that this is the last of him...though I am wondering what he's going to do next.

The other character that really has me wondering is Christiano...he only had one chapter in this book, but it was pretty obvious what his main goal was,, and I think that could lead to some drama. Again there's something about him that doesn't gel right with me...but maybe that's because I just don't think that he's the right fit for Annie. Though it could also be the way that he treated Sophia previously.

I am still loving this series, and really don't want it to end! All of the characters are richly depicted and built so that they seem like real people with real lives. Things aren't perfect in The Hearts Series, which for me is what makes it so good; the drama, the tension and the messiness of real life.

P.S. Sorry for the amount of gushing going on in this'll know by now what I get like when I start talking about a book I love!

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