Saturday, 19 July 2014

Book: Shadowed Spirit by Paloma Beck

I received a copy of Shadowed Spirit, book 6 of The Seven Sin Sisters, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Sadie knows that her time to find a mate is coming, particularly now that there is only her and Gracie left. Granger learns that Sadie is his mate when she bites him during a rescue but tells no one. Sent to retrieve her from Vegas he settles in to see a show, little expecting to see his mate as one of the dancers. Both of them know that the bond is unavoidable, and so the pair of them settle into their hotel room to get to know each other better. But disturbing things have come to light about the terrorist group that is threatening the Breed and the two are pulled back to base early to play their part in ending the threat.

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Sadie was probably the sister that was least developed in the previous books (because she wasn't really there not through any over sight on the author's part) but Shadowed Spirit definitely made up for that, and I think that, along with Paige, she has become my favourite sister. I thought it was very interesting how the author portrayed Sadie's soul sin (sloth). Rather than making Sadie lazy, which would have been the easy way to do it, but instead it was more about how Sadie felt about her heritage that was how her sloth evidenced itself.

I thought that Granger and Sadie's relationship was different from the other sisters' relationships too, it seemed to be more about fun than any of the others, and there seemed to be much less seriousness between them. I don't know if it is because of this, or the reason why this is, that their relationship seemed far more natural than some of the others.

The action was also winding down a bit in this book, towards the culmination of the prophecy in the next book (which I still have some theories about, though they have changed ever so slightly from my previous theories and I am actually excited to see if I'm right!) I didn't think that that was a bad thing, rather that some of the ends were being tied up neatly.

This is an interesting and original series, I'm partly excited to read the last book and the end of the story, and partly sad cause it's nearly over!

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