Monday, 21 July 2014

Book: Four Weeks till Forever by Nadia Lee

I received a copy of Four Weeks Till Forever in exchange for my review.

Hilary Rosenburg is used to working hard for everything she has, and finds herself dating men that she doesn't feel any spark for. Then along comes Mark Pryce. Known for not holding onto a girl for more than 3 months, Mark needs a date for his family's fourth of July party, and uses it as an excuse to try and woo Hilary, the woman who has intrigued him for months. Yet everytime he gets close to getting and keeping her, Hilary runs away from him. But when Mark is determined to win her, and will go to any lengths to get her.

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I was so excited to get stuck into a new series from Nadia Lee, and Four Weeks Till Forever, book 1 in the Pryce Family series, definitely delivered! It was also good to see two of the secondary characters from the Hearts on the Line series, Mark Pryce as well as Hilary, get their own story and their own romances. Seeing them happy was definitely a good thing.

There was also a level of complicated with Hilary's family. Having met her before in several of the Hearts on the Line books I was really hoping that she'd end up happy, though until the announcement about this book I hadn't expected a book for her story. But I am definitely glad that there was one, Hilary was a normal girl in the world of the obscenely rich and I liked that about the book. Also Hilary wasn't the 'modern' interpretation of beauty, rather she was curvy and she owned it, as well as Mark really appreciating her looks and her curves!

Mark himself was a very down to earth character. Despite the trust fund and rich family that's been mentioned in the previous books and series, its always been clear that Mark is determined and worked hard for everything that he has. And ultimately love was no different. He was determined that Hilary would be his and that she was different, and I certainly had no trouble believing his sincerity even if Hilary did at some points!

There were moments in the book that had me laugh aloud, normally one liners from the various characters. There were also moments when all I could think was that the characters were being really sweet towards each other and parts where they were passionate. In other words it was a great relationship to read and believe.

I really enjoyed Four Weeks Till Forever, not that I had any doubt that I would considering I've loved all of Nadia Lee's books that I've read! And I'm looking forward to more about the Pryce siblings!

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