Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Book: Daddy Morebucks by Normandie Alleman

I received a copy of Daddy Morebucks from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Marley has had to spend her adult life walking the streets, though one chance encounter with millionaire, James, changes her life forever. James doesn't know what it is about Marley that draws him in, but he will do anything to make sure that she stays with him. All James really wants is for Marley to be his little girl and for him to be her Daddy, to look after her, pamper her, and to punish her if she misbehaves.

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I tried this book because I was unsure about it. Sounds strange maybe but sometimes its good to try new things. And there were good things and things that weirded me out a little bit about this book.

First, the bit that weirded me out; the whole Daddy thing. I really didn't get it (reading it I can understand why people do like it but I really aren't one of them). If you ignore the whole Marley calling James Daddy then there are good points to the story.

Mainly that comes in the form of the friendships that Marley makes, whereas many books set in a BDSM world seem to be solely concentrated on the couple and not on anyone else, this involved other people and other friendships.

Development wise, I thought there was actually very little development for characters other than Marley. In Marley's case the development was mostly in the form of the development of her feelings for James and how she felt about the fact that she used to be a prostitute. The development was believable but it was somewhat disappointing the other characters weren't all that developed.

Also on the note of the BDSM themes, other than the whole Daddy thing that I already mentioned, it was light, there wasn't anything majorly hardcore described.