Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Book: Catch by Annie Nicholas

I received a copy of Catch, book 2 of the Angler series, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Having been to the brink of death trying to save her love, Rurik, Connie is now blood bonded to him, or so she thinks. Just before saving her, Tane also fed her some of his blood, meaning that the bond could have formed between the two of them instead. Kidnapped in Rio, Rurik and Connie come face to face with Tane, and the truth. But all is not well for the Vampire leader, Tane himself had been kidnapped, by a faction wanting control from him, and when the only people he can trust are Connie and Rurik he has to tread very carefully.

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Well just like the first book, Bait, Catch drew me in and had me turning pages as quickly as I could (while still reading of course). This book has a brilliant balance between the action and the romance of the main characters, though the romance took a slightly different turn than it had in the previous book.

Namely the introduction of Tane. As Connie is blood bound to him there is no escape from him, but more than that there is something between Tane and Rurik in the past, and Connie can't help but be bothered by that. It is an interesting dynamic, particularly because Connie, and the reader through Connie, don't like him at all at the start of the book. Though he does soften massively as a character.

There were two main mysteries in Catch, the first being who was the murderer, and the second being who betrayed Tane, and I didn't even have an inkling that it was who it was. Quite often I'll have theories (and not to be smug or anything, quite often I'm right, like my theory about Gwen) but in this case absolutely nothing, and I was still surprised at the end.

Catch seemed to have more peripheral characters that were developed than Bait did (which makes sense considering the main characters were already developed), namely Gwen and Bel. Bel came across exactly how the author seemed to want her to come across, well meaning but not very aware of her own strengths, whereas Gwen was much more complex, and I look forward to seeing more of her as a character.

I didn't forsee all of how Catch would play out, and that probably made me enjoy it even more! So if you're looking for a good paranormal series, you should check it out!