Sunday, 27 July 2014

Book: Calla Lily by Vivian Winslow

I received a copy of Calla Lily, book 2 of the Gilded Flower series, in exchange for my review.

Having come back from Brazil in a hurry when she heard about her father's hospitalisation and her embarrassment over the situation with Gustavo. Now acting CEO of Baron Media Lily has more to worry about than her love life. Meeting up with Todd again offers her some relief, until she runs into the one person she was unsure of...Gustavo. They quickly resume their affair until Lily discovers the one betrayal that she couldn't cope with. But taking a trip to Miami with her best friend Vi and her sister, D, could provide what she needs.

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Calla Lily picks up right where Gilded Lily left off, though I did find it interesting that they felt like too distinct books rather than one that was split in two. Which is a good thing. I didn't quite pin down the span of time that this book actually took, but it seemed longer than a couple of weeks to me.

As I mentioned with Gilded Lily, Lily didn't just have encounters with one man (2 in this one). But on top of that there was never any delusion of Todd becoming more than just sex to Lily, instead he was just a way of blowing off steam. I thought that it was actually a good thing that the author did that because I feel that it actually reflects real life as opposed to the often fairy tale like outcomes that happen for one night stands.

Her relationship with Gustavo wasn't explored as much as in the last book, especially considering there was much less guilt and confusion about whether she should be doing it or not (she decided in the last book and it wasn't like she could just change her mind). But I thought that the ending of their relationship was dramatic and good on Lily (she could have just forgiven him and didn't and for that I feel oddly proud of her).

There was a set up at the end of the book for a new love interest and I'm extremely interested to find out how that goes for Lily, and how her sister gets on. Especially because her sister was much more likable in this book! I'm enjoying this series, its one to watch!

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