Friday, 18 July 2014

Book: Blood Crown by Ali Cross

I received a copy of Blood Crown from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Serantha is one half of a prophesy that will save humanity from the Mind, which rose to power once the androids took over. Problem is she's been believed dead for 9 years. Nicolai has believed his betrothed to be dead for 9 years, but still wants to fight against the AI oppressors. Leaving his home, his kingdom and his birth right behind he joins the rebellion. Only to find the last person that he expected; Serantha. To complete the bond the two must accept each other, but Serantha doesn't have all her memories, and believes she was abandoned by Nicolai and her Servent, Archibald, leaving her unsure of the man that she feels strongly attracted towards. Can they move past their differences and save humanity? Or are they both doomed.

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I really enjoyed reading Blood Crown, it was a sci-fi with a good balance between the space elements and the human elements, not to mention that it had a kick ass and kind of awesome lead female character. It was kind of strange actually to have a female and male character who are pretty much equals, and both accept that they are equals, but in Serantha and Nicolai's relationship it did actually work.

I thought it was really interesting that the author decided to make it clear that there are two kind of 'levels' of relationship between the two leads, the level that was created by the bond between them, and the technology that was a part of them both, and the level that came from years of playing together as children. It really did feel as if they knew each other and loved each other anyway. Even if Serantha didn't know who she was for 9 years.

The technology and androids in Blood Crown were interesting as well, most notably Archibald, who clearly loved and cherished Serantha despite the android rebellion. Though it was made fairly clear that Archibald was the exception and not the rule. The way it was particularly interesting was because it made the 'bad guys' not all bad, despite the fact that they were programmed (and sometimes reprogrammed) they were still capable of love, emotions and independent thought. As well as that they even seem to have a class system which makes them oddly more human.

The way that the narrative was split was interesting too, it was split three ways between Archibald, Serantha and Nicolai, and it was made incredibly clear at the beginning of each section who it was that was narrating, which helped with the smoothness of the story.

I really enjoyed Blood Crown, there was action, complex characters and a bit of romance, not to forget some intelligent technology! Definitely worth a read if you enjoy the genre!

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