Friday, 11 July 2014

Blog Tour: Take Me If You Dare by Nina Crespo

I received a copy of Take Me If You Dare in exchange for my review.

Every year Jasmine is given a dare by her best friend Tam, in a tradition that goes back to their 8th birthdays. This year, Jasmine has been dared to have a one night stand. On the verge of giving up she meets Ethan, sexy and mysterious, the ex-solider is everything that Jasmine wants for the night. But when the night has the chance to go further she runs. Little do Ethan and Jasmine expect that they will end up in the same place and facing each other once more. Despite thinking its a bad idea, Jasmine can't ignore the chemistry between the two of them and ends up in deeper than she ever realised she could be.

I've read a few Entangled Brazen books now and am enjoying all of them immensely. They're written for an adult audience but the romance is still there, and Take Me If You Dare is the same. What I liked about this book is that there was a certain amount of realism in relation to how real relationships start, as in in the bedroom as opposed to a date.

There was a depth to both of the main characters, though it was only touched on slightly and makes me want to read more to find out more about them. That is both Ethan's past in the army, and Jasmine's history with Greg, both of which were clearly damaging to the characters confidence and love lives, and yet were only touched upon.

The chemistry between the two characters was crazy intense, but they also had their moments where they were sweet together, and when you could tell they were good together. This was particularly clear when they were supporting each other. That was mainly Ethan supporting Jasmine, but it did make the relationship seem equal.

There was also the presence of Jasmine's friendship with Tam, which didn't really take centre stage but was still definitely there. Not sure about any other readers, but I want to know more about the other birthday dares (and I'm kind of curious as to where the hidden piercing is).

I really enjoyed Take Me If You Dare and will be keeping an eye out for more from the author and from Entangled Brazen!

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