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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Meeting His Match by Katee Robert

I received a copy of Meeting His Match in exchange for my review.

Addison is a highly successful matchmaker, though her friend Regan thinks that she needs to take some time off, so much so that she insists that Addison goes to Tennessee and works her magic on her brother-in-law, Caine. What Addison doesn't expect is the instant attraction that she feels for Caine, or the conflicting emotions that that brings. Having been brought up believing that a person only gets one soul mate, Addison thinks she's had her turn with her deceased husband Aidan, and is willing to give up everything because of him. Caine works too hard, and that didn't bother him, until fiesty and determined Addison comes along. Despite her attempts to try and match him, there's only one woman that he wants and he won't stop until she admits she wants him too.

I've read several books by Katee Robert now (and will admit to reading this one because it was by Katee Robert) and I've enjoyed every one of them so far! I really liked the fact that though they are in different series, two of the books have a link as well. I had to do a double take when I realised that Addison's best friend is Regan from Seducing the Bridesmaid, part of the Wedding Dare series, and that Brock is Caine's brother. You don't need to read the other book for this one to make sense, but I very much liked the link.

I can't help but think that Meeting His Match touched on a big issue in life, that of the right of a widow/widower to move on with their life and meet new people. Personally I think they can and should try to meet someone new, though I can understand why other people feel differently. Meeting His Match doesn't deal with the grief of the situation so much, it has been 7 years so it isn't so much the forefront of Addison's mind anymore, but I thought that it did deal well with the issue of moving on. The idea of which really seemed to tear Addison out.

The chemistry between the two characters was brilliantly written (and at some points they couldn't keep their hands off each other, but was actually managed without there being a whole load of sex scenes. In fact some of the most passionate and chemistry laden moments were just kisses, and there was even one scene where the tension was building and the two characters didn't even touch.

This book made me laugh at points too, though it also had its emotional moments. Whatever it had though was good and I will definitely be on the look out for more by the author and from this series!

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MHM_1600  by: Katee Robert   Synopsis: A satisfying category romance from Entangled’s brand new Lovestruck imprint…   When New York matchmaker Addison St. Claire is tasked with matching her best friend’s new brother-in-law, she almost refuses. But the sexy southern CEO turns out to be a challenge she can’t resist, because if anyone needs to meet his soul mate, it’s this man. And if matching him with someone else removes the temptation of being near him? Even better.   The last thing Caine McNeill needs is a matchmaker—especially a gorgeous redhead who spouts nonsense about soul mates, critiques what he drives and how he dresses, buys him a dog, and pesters him about a million little things he couldn’t care less about. It’s a crying shame he has to keep his hands off because chemistry like what’s flaring between them ought to be explored. Thoroughly. And so the battle begins. Addison is determined to stick to her plan of setting him up on dates with other women, and Caine is equally determined to ignore these women and seduce her.
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   Author Bio: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Katee Robert, learned to tell stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back. Though she dabbled in writing, life got in the way, as it often does, and she spent a few years traveling, living in both Philadelphia and Germany. In between traveling and raising her two wee ones, she had the crazy idea that she’d like to write a book and try to get published.   WebsiteVlogTwitter: @katee_robertFacebookGoodreadsNewsletter Giveaway Info: 50 gift certificate to Amazon along with a chance to have your name in an upcoming book Rafflecopter:  

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