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Blog Tour: Blood and Snow by RaShelle Workman

I received a copy of Blood and Snow (Volumes 1-12) in exchange for my review.

Collection includes: Episodes 1 - 12; Blood and Snow, Revenant in Training, The Vampire Christopher, Blood Soaked Promises, Prey and Magic, Masquerade's Moon, Seal of Gabriel. Telltale Kisses, Love Bleeds, Eye of Abernathy, Resolved to Rule and Vampire Ever After? Short stories: Cindy Witch, The Hunter's TaleGabriel and After The Kiss.

Snow White always thought that she was just a normal girl with an unfortunate name. She had great friends, Cindy and 7 brothers that lived next door, but had a step-mother who she didn't really like but put up with. Then everything changed. She discovers that she is Marked, chosen to become the Vampire Queen's next body, and that being Marked means that she is turning into a vampire. Add to that the normal worries of any girl on the verge of adulthood and poor Snow has  a lot of drama to contend with. Finding her true love will either destroy her or save her, depending on what she does with him.

From the first page of Blood and Snow I was hooked (and honestly I don't think I could have read it in serial form because I'd have constantly been wanting more!). More than that though, I constantly found myself surprised. As soon as I figured out one part of the mystery, another would be presented, and there were even some cases where I was completely off the mark...Gabe, Christopher and Abernathy to name but a few theories that proved to be wrong!

I did find it a little difficult to remember that Snow was only 15/16 for the first part (and then 18 later on due to certain events). She seemed much older than that, particularly in the way that she was viewing the men in her life (Gabe and Christopher most specifically, Dorian was more appropriate I thought!).

Figuring out who Snow's true love was was part of the fun of reading, and though I wasn't even close to on track until close to the end, I was very clear as to who I thought it wasn't (Gabe, though it was just a feeling with that one). I did think for most of the book that it was going to be the 'obvious' choice, and then ended up extremely shocked at how that one turned out.

I really liked the way that Workman had the different magical races interacting with one another. It was clearly well thought out and tied in with the idea that no race was inherently evil but rather any one person or being could become evil. I thought that was a refreshing change from a lot of books that you can get now.

I also liked the fact that the author included some short stories from other character's points of view at the end (and Cindy Witch has me really intrigued as to what Cindy's story is like!) and made a certain male character who shall remain nameless in the name of spoilers more likely to become redeemed in my eyes. I'm certainly going to be looking out for more by Workman in the future!

Vampire Lies
RaShelle Workman
(Blood and Snow S2, #1)
Publication date: April 19th 2014
Genres: Fairy TalesYoung Adult
Genre: YA Fractured Fairytale
Blood and Snow Season 2
Book 1 ~ Vampire Lies
*** Eyes like violet sapphires. Wings of smoldering fire. Consume your true love’s blood. Become the Eternal Vampire. ***
Once upon a time there lived a vampire with wings and the genie who loved her…
Born of the seven magics, Jasmine is different in every way, including the obnoxious wings on her back courtesy of the original Vampires. She wants to be normal, to be a regular teenaged girl.
When a gorgeous dark-haired boy named Laeddin shows up and promises to sneak her away from all her problems and hide her in the human world, she agrees.
But an evil lurks in her nightmares, a man with red eyes. It doesn’t take long for Jasmine to realize that no matter how far she tries to run from who she is, he’s only a dream away. He wants her. He needs her. He acts as though he loves her.
It’s becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between the path that’ll lead to her happily ever after, and the path that’ll lead to her destruction as well as all magic.

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About the Author

RaShelle Workman is the international bestselling author of the Dead Roses series (“Sleeping Roses,” book 1 in the series, has been translated into Turkish and is NOW available wherever Turkish books are sold), the Immortal Essence series, the Blood and Snow series, the Cindy Chronicles, and Touching Melody (A Forever First Novel). She’s sold over five hundred thousand copies of her novels worldwide. You can find RaShelle all over the web, but the best place to start is on her blog: rashelleworkman.com.

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