Sunday, 1 June 2014

End of the Month Round Up (May)

Total books read:

Requested Reviews: 

  • Pistols and Petticoats: Ethan's Bride by Barbara Ankrum
  • Pistols and Petticoats: Shady Lady by Adrienne deWolfe
  • Pistols and Petticoats: Bareback Bride by Sharon Ihle
  • Saving His Mate by Savannah Stuart
  • Smoking Holt by Sabrina York
  • Prom Impossible by Laura Pauling 
  • Bait by Annie Nicholas 
  • Catch by Annie Nicholas 
  • Order Restored by Ioana Visan 
  • The Third Wheel by Ioana Visan
  • Reaching Hearts by Sabrina Lacey
  • Secrets of the Unaltered by Leti Del Mar 
  • Friends and Lovers by Vristen Pierce
  • Lady of Gaia by Tricia Ballad 
  • Parker's Passion by Sabrina York
  • A Happily Ever After of Her Own by Nadia Lee
  • Hold My Hand by Paloma Beck
  • Bonds of Courage by Lynda Aicher 
  • Banded by Logan Bryne 
  • Crushing Hearts by Sabrina Lacey
  • Daddy Morebucks by Normandie Alleman
  • The Beginning by Emma Jaye

Blog Tours:

Read for University Course 
  • Les Apprentis Sorciers by Patrick Artus and Marie-Paule Virard 

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