Thursday, 26 June 2014

Book: You're My Best Friend by Casey O'Reilly

I received a copy of You're My Best Friend in exchange for my review.

Diana has just been dumped by her boyfriend of 18 months, Mark, and her best friend Chris comes to cheer her up and drag her, kicking and screaming back out into the real world. But there has always been the unanswered question of what there is between Chris and Diana, particularly since their kiss before Diana's 30th birthday party.

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You're My Best Friend is a sweet short story about two best friends that finally realise what they mean to each other, and that they mean the same to each other. It is one of those stories that you go into knowing what you're getting it and enjoying it for just that reason. And to that point I would definitely read it again if I needed a pick-me-up read.

Diana as a main character was definitely an every woman, in some respects she reminded me a bit of Bridget Jones, in the way that she acted when she got dumped and her general demeanor. Basically she was just a normal woman with normal reactions and normal hang ups about her body.

The relationship between Chris and Diana was very believable as well. Not only were the scenes between them that showed passion and chemistry between them, there was also a very clear friendship there, particularly shown through the inside jokes (such as the singing of the song that the short story takes its name from; You're My Best Friend).

This was definitely a pick me up read with a side of sexy! Worth a read for sure!