Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Book: Wedding Bells Times Four by Trinity Blacio

I received a copy of Wedding Bells Times Four, book 1 of The Virgin Witch & the Vampire King, from Netgalley.

Based on the short story The Virgin Witch & The Vampire King, Wedding Bells Times Four tells the story of Beth, the powerful witch who is mated to the vampire King, Edward, thinking the biggest hurdle is getting the vampire people to like her, she is surprised when it is revealed that her bodyguards, and wolves, Rock and Dred, are also the destined mates of not just Beth, but Edward too. And things get even more complicated when Lucas wakes up from his hibernation. But things aren't just complicated in Beth's love life, her brother is back to try and get her power, and he is working for an even more powerful being that is as yet unknown.

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I'm not completely sure how I feel about this book now that I have read it. I was expecting a much stronger love story than was actually present, which has pretty much led to a bit of disappointment (I can't help but be a bit of a romantic at heart.) There were some points at which I just felt like going 'really? You're doing that now?' As in some of the times they got busy you really wouldn't think they would want to!

The closest I really felt to a love story was that between Edward and Dred, I'm not sure why but the two dominant males (King and Alpha respectively) seemed to have a believable romantic relationship between them, based on the fact that they were both leaders and dominant personalities. Other than that though, I didn't really feel that it was romance, more attraction forced by 'destiny' or whatever you would like to call it.

The action, though a little disjointed worked well, though it would have been better if some of the nudity/sex scenes had been cut out in exchange for more of the action and paranormal elements. Could also have done with a bit more of an explanation into how the paranormal stuff worked, because I don't really understand the concept of a vampire being able to be a wolf and vice versa, and don't even ask me what Lucas is cause I have no idea!

There were some interesting parts to this book, and I can see how it could have potential, but there needs to be far less sex scenes and more of an action based plot!

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