Sunday, 8 June 2014

Book: War by Jennifer Anne Davis

I received a copy of War, book 3 of the True Reign series, in exchange for my review.

Rema has been captured and being taken to Emperion to be executed. Having survived an execution for treason before on the Greenwood Isle, Rema is determined that this one wouldn't end in her death either. Darmik is determined to save the woman he loves and save the Emperion Empire, as well as Greenwood Isle, from his over bearing family. But sometimes there are things more important than love, and Rema is facing the idea of becoming the most important woman in the Empire, and who she wants at her side throughout the adventure.

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I was so excited to read War, especially after loving the first two books (The Key and Red). War definitely can't be read as a stand alone book though, there is too much of relevance that happened in the first two books, though honestly with series, I prefer it like that.

The characters have come so far from the first book, particularly Rema and Darmik who have changed from the naive farm girl and the Prince following orders, to a nervous new Queen and a competent Commander, who no long takes orders without questioning. Their relationship also played a part in this, they were both playing off each other's strength. One thing that I particularly liked about their relationship was the way that Darmik seemed to consistently admire Rema's power personality (as in when she is being a ruler) and actually being attracted to it. So often the female characters don't have any power, and to see a male character liking it.

The pair of them did seem to pine a bit...well a lot...when they were apart, but true to their characters neither of them actually let it control them, and they carried on regardless, becoming stronger and adding to the story and the determination between them. I did find that Darmik seemed more affected by immediate danger towards Rema, whereas Rema was more concerned by not knowing. The thing was because of the amount of action in War, this was a lot of the time. But it worked, and didn't detract from the ending at all.

The ending was what I had expected (and hoped), but there is a part of me that feels that Rema and Darmik's story isn't over yet (maybe it's just withdrawal!) though there was also the reveal about Darmik (which I had guessed was coming from something said earlier in the book) and I didn't really think it had all that much purpose...hopefully something to come!

I loved War, and the other books in the True Reign series, if you're looking for a fantasy that doesn't kill off everybody but still has the complicated politics (and is YA) then this is one for you!

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