Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Book: Vampire's Thirst by Cynthia Garner

I received a copy of Vampire's Thirst, book 2 of the Awakening series, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Having gained control of the Vampire compound, Duncan and his girlfriend, Kimber, should have time to settle down in their relationship, even if there are Zombies outside the gates. But Kimber hasn't been feeling herself, with part of the Unseen in her she is becoming more and more aggressive towards everyone, even Duncan, and to make things worse, she realises that her hormones are going haywire being pregnant. Despite learning that she is not at fault for causing the apocalypse, Kimber is now more determined than ever to find the solution to the zombies, and restore the world to rights.

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My first thought on finishing Vampire's Thirst is whether or not this is the last book in the series (I honestly hope not because I really enjoyed the style and the story) but at the same time it does feel like the story could satisfactorily end at this point. But regardless, I'll be looking into the authors other works!

This book tied up a few loose ends from the first book, Vampire's Hunger, and that isn't just in relation to the relationship between Duncan and Kimber (whose full name is the very normal, Kimberly), or the cause of the apocalypse, but also in relation to Natalie and Aodhàn's relationship. I thought that it was good to be able to see more of the secondary characters than had previously been seen, it gave them more substance than they previously had.

Another thing that I liked was the fact that all was not always well in Kimber and Duncan's paradise, they seemed to have quite a few problems in their relationship in this book, and unlike many book characters, they recognised that having sex wasn't necessarily the answer (not that they didn't enjoy it).

The action, romance and supernatural balance in this book, and indeed in the series, is perfectly balanced, and it is a unique and interesting take on the zombie apocalypse (I've certainly never read anything with zombies and vampires in it before!)