Friday, 20 June 2014

Book: Smoking Holt by Sabrina York

I received a copy of Smoking Holt from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Holt and Bella have had a thing for each other for years, though neither of them have acted on it because of the dislike that they think the other feels for them. Well and Holt's dominant personality scares Bella who is fiercely independent and wants to prove her own dominance. When Bella arrives at the island where she's meeting her friends to early, to escape her failing business, she didn't realise that Holt would be there early too, and after they both drink Bella's whisky, they finally act on what has been sizzling between them.

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Smoking Holt is the kind of book that you would expect it to be from the cover and the title, full of chemistry and sex, though in my opinion it is one of the best written erotica books that I have read. It wasn't just that the chemistry between the characters was well written, but the emotions were too. I felt that I could really believe that Holt and Bella felt like they did, and that is what makes the difference between book porn and erotica (or at least in my head it is, obviously opinions may vary).

There was more depth to their relationship than that of a Dom/Sub relationship, probably because it wasn't really too much of a dom/sub relationship, but instead was more of a relationship open to trying things and talking. And add to that that Bella wasn't a submissive character, that was the kind of complexity that makes characters more enjoyable to read.

Something that I thought the author caught well was the awkwardness of actually talking about sex, so often in books the characters just gloss over it or are just fine talking about it, but in Smoking Holt there was a certain level of embarrassment that Bella felt when talking to Holt about it, the kind of embarrassment that made her seem more real as a character.

Smoking Holt is a quick and sexy read, well written though if you don't like reading about sex then it probably isn't for you.

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