Saturday, 21 June 2014

Book: Saving His Mate by Savannah Stuart

I received a copy of Saving His Mate from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Rex has always been a loner, and as a bounty hunting vampire that is his lot in life, but werewolf, Grant has now offered him a place in his pack. Confused at first as to if he should take up Grant's offer, he meets Margery and his decision was a lot more complicated. But Margery is still haunted by something that was done to her by vampires when she was younger, and refuses to let Rex close, no matter how intense the bond between them. But when she is kidnapped by people that want to hurt Rex, his protectiveness goes into over drive, even if the woman that he is saving is a 200 year old shifter.

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From the blurb I thought I would enjoy this book but what I didn't expect to be dragged into the story as much as I was. This is a part of a series, though I've only read Saving His Mate (and now I'm going to have to add more books to my TBR list with the rest of the books).

One of the risks with female shifter characters is that they can be rather submissive, but this wasn't the case with Margery, she was the opposite, strong and independent but at the same time she was a care giver, she wanted everyone to be okay. I thought that the mix was realistic and well thought out in regards to the story and the place of Margery in it.

The relationship between Rex and Margery was full of well written chemistry, which made you know that they would end up together but wonder how it was going to happen because of Margery's nerves about vampires and trust issues. Also the slight old fashioned edge to their relationship (i.e. old fashioned manners) were cute and made a lot of sense considering that the characters were both over 200 years old.

I really enjoyed Saving His Mate and I hope to read more from the author!

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