Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Book: Parker's Passion by Sabrina York

I received a copy of Parker's Passion, part of the Tryst Island series, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

There are two reasons why Kaitlin doesn't like to be touched; the first is because she's a psychic, and the second is because of a traumatic event that she was saved from in college. Thinking that was all in the past, the last thing she expected was to see the man who saved her on Tryst Island. Though he doesn't recognise her as the girl he saved, Parker is still drawn to Kaitlin, and when he saves her a second time, but this time from his friend, the pair can't help but move towards each other. They may both have scars, physically and mentally, but together they can move past that.

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I enjoyed the other book in this series that I've read, Smoking Holt, but I actually enjoyed this one a whole lot more, maybe it is because it seemed as if there was more depth to the story because the characters had more issues to work through. Though I will take this point to say that Parker's Passion does have some moments that some people may find particularly difficult to read as they surround domestic abuse (the abuse is NOT between Parker and Kaitlin I might add).

Both of the main characters had issues from their past to deal with, and their journey towards dealing with it took time, which I appreciated, as did them actually having sex. Rather than just jumping into bed like Bella and Holt did in Smoking Holt (though that was understandable because they'd known each other a long time and had feelings for each other), Parker and Kaitlin took their time to get to know each other first (despite them wanting each other physically).

I must admit that for once I felt more drawn to the male main character than the female main character (has been known to happen occasionally), which I think was something to do with Parker's story and how touching it was. He had his reasons for never wanting to get into a relationship or have children, and they are understandable reasons, but seeing the things that change his mind, and seeing him make the choice between his morals and his job, really showed his journey.

Though there was a theme of domestic abuse within the book, I thought that the author put the emphasis on the recovery in a good way. There was a scary moment with Tucker (a man that had hired Parker's firm as a divorce attorney) but other than that the focus seemed to be very much on the recovery, and helping to protect the people involved, and though it is a horrible subject, I think that it needed to be done, and this is one of the perfect ways to get the message out. These people deserve to be helped.

This book just the right pace for a relationship, and despite the sometimes serious story line, engaging and enjoyable.

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