Sunday, 22 June 2014

Book: No Place I'd Rather Be by Roxanne Rhoads

Sonora is in love with two men. Well one man and one vampire, both of which are disallowed by her coven, As she struggles to come to terms and decide if she wants Avery or Brom, Sonora decides that she'd like nothing better than to have them both. At the same time. Little does she realise that her chance may arise sooner than she thinks.

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No Place I'd Rather Be contains scenes of a sexual nature, all the way through, including threesomes and other activities that aren't suitable for younger readers. This story is far more focused on sex than the others that I have read by Rhoads.

Saying that as with the other two, there were other aspects of the lore involved, which is what has me intrigued. In this case, it would be the pleasure inducing affect of the vampire's bite, and the rules surrounding the coven to which Sonora belongs.

I really would want to read a book surrounding the lore that Rhoads has created that doesn't involve sex quite so much. I think that the universe and the lore created could lead to an engaging read.

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